עברית עשירה ויפה

חלק 2: אוצר מילים באנגלית

שוב, זה לגמרי בנוי עבורי. אין הסבר ליד מילים שאני זוכר (אבל אני ממליץ בחום לחפש אותן. אוצר מילים זה מדליק ובחרתי את המילים שמופיעות בקפידה – הן לא גבוהות מדי).

לגבי הגייה – אם מופיעה פתאום באמצע מילה אות בסוגריים – היא לא שייכת אלא רק עוזרת 'לנקד' אותה. את ī  צריך להגות כמו ay. ו ē –זה אי בחיריק.


(חזרה לאוצר המילים בעברית) 

Let your Vocab Proliferate

Boring– lifeless, unimaginative, generic. Insipid, trite (dialogue), she began u(a)ttering liberal platitudes (noun).a perfunctory smile. An interchangeable (fungible)  hero.

Stubborn– inexorable(unbending),intractable, obstinate=pigheaded, persistent. Tenacious.

Lazy– inert, inactive, lethargic, torpid (lacking energy), frail (feeble).

Favoring– an ardent fan, partisan, tendentious (-ches) claim, adherent (-hirent) of deism.

Generous– altruistic, benefactor, magnanimous (unlike pettiness), he was unstinting in his praise, a munificent (-fisent) gesture, philanthropic (misanthropic).

goodness – benign(/malignant-cancerous), altruist, benefactor, noble, saint.מילון_עם_זכוכית_מגדלת

Evil-fiendish, infernal. Abysmal (dreadful). A dissolute (corrupted) person uses subterfuge and repel (reject) morals

Happy– ebullient, graceful, gleaming (shine),delightful. I'm elated, enchanted, exuberant, vivacious and entranced. convivial. a transcendent experience. energetic, whimsy, radiating, enthusiastic, zestful

Impressive: awesome, majestic, inspiring, massive. Remarkable. Exciting, striking. 

Badmood– dejected, quarrelsome, petulant, take umbrage(-ij) at, dispirited, inconsolable.
Best – Stupendous, top notch, first rate. acmē (unlike nadir).

Enjoyable: pleasing, agreeable, amusing, entertaining, gratifying, pleasant.

Easy– user friendly, simple, effortless. New– innovative, fresh, trailblazer.

Different – unusual, unique, matchless, exclusive, unlike, disparate. To Differentiate

Important –key, vital, fundamental, invaluable (-lyoubel). magnum opus. mementomori

useful– instrumental, helpful, pivotal.

laborious – Insurmountable, complex, reach a deadlock (stalemate), delicate, demanding, enigmatic, intractable (ungovernable). pyrrhic victory (king Pyrrhus), terra incognita.
Complicated (many folds/plic – to fold)- abstruse argument (hard to follow), esoteric, arcane, paradoxical, opaque. Convoluted, torturous

mandatory– conscription – compulsory army service has major Ramifications

Falsehood– an apo(e)cryphal (apoookrifel) (not genuine) account, perfidy (a treachery). The CEO sued his underling for Libel (written) / slander (spoken). contraband (smuggled goods). Perjury (lying under oath). A spēcious(-shəs) excuse (superficially plausible but actually wrong, deceptively attractive).

True– indisputable, sincere, to demonstrate probity (integrity). unquestionable rectitude, gullible.

Harmful– baleful (menacing), policies inimical (adj. hostile) to democracy, Sardonic (scornful). Tobacco is carcinogenic.

Poor– destit(y)ute, indigent, famished. Abject poverty. 

Faltering/slumping economy: sluggish. trudge up, hobble, falter (stumble). Stocks slumpxlarge_45_ways_to_avoid_using_the_word_very_writerswrite.co.za


Created– Facilitated, Generated, devised, budgeted (allocate), conceptualized (kənsepch olīz), fashion a program, forging (hammer into shape) relationships. Enumerate- to list
Enhance – Benchmark, debug, overhaul, systematize. refine, hone. polish skills.
Impacted– Implemented, Revitalized, internalize, incorporate.
Lead– coordinate, develop, administer, conduct, Mentor, operate, oversaw. Tracing her antecēdents and early life was conducive to an epiphany.
Assist– bolster the staff's morale, advocate, reinforce, Redress (to remedy).
Praise– apotheosīze humus, to idolize your brother, Lionize (treat like a celebrity). eulogize, to extol, aggrandize. deliver a 112637475moving eulogy. Creditable, commendable. an adulatory (flattering) accolade. virago (bold woman). virility- masculinity. a virile man.
Weaken– undermine, deteriorate, stultify (mock). to Slump (drop)

Prevent– the obligations fetter his powers. (to put manacle (handcuff) to restrain), limit; hinder, impēde, cold inhibits plant growth. His tounge was brīdled. was circumscrībed – restricted. she felt constricted by her mother.
Pacify, soothe, alleviate the pain following surgery; mitigate the storm's impact. Abate suggests a progressive lessening in degree or intensity (her fever was abating). To temper is to soften or moderate (to temper justice with mercy). Redress is to set right.

Satiate, quench, slake. Insatiable, unquenchable, implacable (toddler). reconcile passions

Forgive– exonerate, exculpate, absolve (set free from blame/promise). A person who is vindicated is off the hook. she vindicated herself by producing the missing documents.
Disagreement – bicker (argue about petty matters), squabble. contretemps, dissension.medium_Body_Language_1_by_Amanda_Patterson
Criticize– belittle (unlike aggrandize), castigate (reprimand (someone) severely : he was castigated for not setting a good example). demur (protest), admonish or reproach, indicate mild disapproval (admonish her about/for leaving the key in the lock). formally- the judge censured the lawyer for violating courtroom procedures; reprimand suggests a direct confrontation – reprimanded by his parole officer for leaving town. scold is harsh (: to scold a child for jaywalking). Rebuke: to criticize sharply or sternly, often in the midst of some action (rebuke a carpenter for walking across an icy roof).
repulsion– animosity, resentment, to dissuade להניא. Inhospitable, travesty (distorted representation). to assail (attack).
Convoluted– circuitous (serqouites) route. to look askance at (suspiciously). many youthful romances go awry, a. Aberrant (behavior)- deviating from normal. und- wave. to undulate

Word Roots

AB- away from.  Abhor, abstract, abstruse, abstinence (self-restraint). AL- other. Alternative, alias, altruist, allegory. APO- away. Apogee, apocryphal, apostasy (heresy; disloyalty. Apostate- traitor). CAST- cut. Cast away, castigate, chastise (punish). CLAIM- shouts. exclaim, proclaim, clamor, disclaim, reclaim. CLI- lean toward. decline, climax, proclivity for. Inclination. ERR- wander. Aberrant (behavior), erratic, err (go astray). EU- good. PEND hang, pay. Stipend, indispensable (essential), appendage. PRO much. Prolific (fertile = fecund), prodigal (wastefully), prodigious (extraordinary), providence (Hashgaha), profusion of animals
Female voices -Soprano, Mezzo-soprano, Contralto.

Male-Countertenor, Tenor, Baritone, Bass


Alert – on the ball, awake – raring to go. good -cosmically charged. enjoyrelish

Clean – virginal, unsullied, unblemished (blemish – flaw), pure, unsoiled, immaculate (a person or clothes). pristine shirt (new, spotless)

Confident -unstoppable, energized -turbo charged, fly into rage – go ballistic, fortunate -unbelievably blessed. full -replēte with. interesting –captivating, intense.
powerful -invincible, satisfied– satiated, afraid -uncomfortable, angry– disenchanted. appealing -huggable, sorrowful – lugubrious. bad connotations- pejorative (term), dērogatory (comments) in order to discredit. horrendous, dreadful.

A Sophisticated Roommate

Beauty – pulchritude, iridescent, polychromatic. Brave– intrepid, dauntless. harbor (accommodate) doubts = have misgivings about. consist of. to give- allocate (distribute) allot. skilled – dexterous driver. thin– slender. very– deeply.

comfortable – cool as a summer breeze, soothing music. exhausted? maybe "recharging." "overwhelmed"- "challenged" or "in high demand."

Horny- lustful, unrestrained.
adequate – congēnial, suitable, good fit. They had privileges but commensurate (adj)  duties.
Beginning – incipient- developing (anger), advent of.
lack of change -be entrenched (ingrained) , unfailing, impervious layer/impervious to the heat. inherent, immutable (fact/love).
calmness – composed, detached. The placid waters of the lake, unruffled (calm) tone. Agitation – frenetic, kinetic, perform with verve (vigor)
Mercurial temper– capricious, volatile (personality) – unstable. whimsical (given to whims). ephemeral. Desultory (lacking order and superficial) interest/conversation.
Hesitate– dither (thēfer), oscillate, vacillate
Smart– astute, canny, proficient, inquisitive, skilful, gifted, encyclopedic knowledge of..
superficial interest in a topic – dilettante (amateur) approach to science. layman. Plebeian – common. silliness (adj- asinīne, inane, Frivolous).


Versatile (adaptable, malleable), Epicure – anin taam. phlegmatic – indifferent. a reclusive celebrity-living in

seclusion, sheltered life, castaway – a pariah. polemic (noun. controversy). Canīne (reliable like a dog), bovine (cow), feline (catlike). visionary, prescient, , Mīdas touch. obsēquious, diffident, docile. ethnocentric, exhibitionist (extrovert, flamboyant). telegenic– well suited for TV. An impetuous (chooaes) friend (adj, impulsive). Demagogue – appealing to emotion or prejudice. her mother's cupidity (greed) shaped an acquisitive daughter.
Inclination – a proclivity for hard work. sexual proclivities. predilection for fast food (affinity, special liking). he has a penchant for adopting stray dogs.

Ideas – you embed (insert), cultivate and pursue ideas. you might need to elucidate or expound it. But know this, an idea will percolate/permēāte if you persevere (vir). perseverance pays off. continuity.
a cogent (tenable, well reasoned) argumentbolster her point. valid proof. lucid, eloquent, articulate, pithy – succinct (concise) – cursory, cosmetic. incisive (acute, sharp). incoherent. a paragon of cheerfulness (/MOFET). loquacious (talkative), wordy. Inchoate (inkoet) – not fully formed.fatuous (ch) comment (silly).impartial vs. tendentious reading.

Excess – a plethora (of excuses). manifold, myriad (mirēəd, countless)- networks connecting a myriad of computers. A Panoply of women. a profusion (abundance, plentifulness) of wildflowers. ostentatious display (excessive showiness). broad – eclectic. shortage – meager (mēgər) earnings, scant evidence, sparingly (meagerly-migərli), to rarefy. fish stocks are severely depleted. deplēted of minerals.

Expressions and good words

I distil/extract (information) from various sources: the information is gleaned from the press (obtained).
Outshineshine more brightly than. it is a shame when a mother outshines a daughter. Eclipse, overshadow.
dote on/upon- be extremely fond of : she doted on her two young children. as adj – she was spoiled outrageously by her doting father.
Await with relish (great enjoyment). she swigged (drink in large gulps) a mouthful (sip/bite) of wine with relish.
My pupils dīlated (expand) when my eyes beheld a phantasmagoria(rē) of horror. I'll spare the gory details. your missive was a the panacēa (cure all) unlike a placēbo.

and 18 Common Words That You Should Replace in Your Writing

(חזרה לאוצר המילים בעברית)

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  1. מעולה!

    בקרוב לויקימילון? 🙂

    הנה חידת ויקיפדיה: מה החלופה העברית ל"פאנל"?

  2. תודה על הריכוז המכובד הזה של מלים נרדפות אבל מה שמטריד מאוד בעברית העכשוית הוא שתילת המלים "בעצם" ו "למעשה" כמעט בכל משפט. בעיני, זהו המבחן לעילגות ולא בהכרח השימוש במלים נדירות יחסית.

  3. אני נדחה מ-2009 ע"י האקדמיה כשאני חוזר ומבקש לאשר את השימוש ב-מחבוושית, כנרדפת ל-מעצרית, המחליפה את המלה: זינזאנה (רכב-ליווי-אסירים) בעלת קונוטציה גסת-רוח. נא עזרו לי ופנו אל הציבור שישלח פטיציה לאקדמיה בדבר הפיכת ה-מחבושית לנרדפת ל-מעצרית. כמו למשל:מניפולציה= טיפלול, תכסוס. דמנסיה= שיטיון, קהיון.

  4. ממליץ לכל מי שרוצה לכתוב היטב, לעבוד עם אגרונים. הבעיה שהטובים שבהם אינם בדפוס… חפשו את –
    * האגרון של קומיי
    * האגרון של שארפשטיין
    * אוצר המלים של סטוצ'קוב (נדיר ויקר)
    * אוצר המלים של רבין ו-רדי (אולי עדיין בדפוס).
    – לא ממליץ על 'רב מלים' של אבניאון – מוגבל מדי ורדוד.

  5. היי תומר, אתר מקסים ובהיר לקריאה. תודה על היוזמה. היית לי לעזר רב.

    הערה קטנה, אם יורשה לי. זאב זורד ולא זורר.

    תודה רבה

  6. האם בעברית יש מילים נרדפות למלה "שיפור" – למשל שיפור תנועת האנשים במרחב העירוני

  7. אולי במקרה יש גם קבוצת וואטסאפ רק למילים ומשפטים? פשוט תענוג צרוף 😉

  8. הי תומר,
    האם אפשר לקבל ממך את הטבלה של אפשרויות ההבעה: משלב נמוך, משלב בינוני וגבוה?
    כלומר בדף לא מקומט…

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